Custom Proclaim Casetypes

Do you need a Proclaim developer to create a bespoke casetype that your competitors won’t get? It’s yours. We have vast experience at creating custom casetypes from scratch – including full Proclaim Accounts tie-in, WIP tracking, Clients casetype and ABS casetype compatibility.

Paperless Office

Paperless office your mantra but not your modus operandi? Our Proclaim developer can implement best practice in all aspects of your business to bring this to fruition. You’ll want careful consideration of scanning hardware, human resources, IT resource, and of course ongoing maintenance and capacity planning.

Experienced Proclaim Developer

Drawing on 15+ years of Proclaim and IT project management experience, we can recommend and implement best practice in all areas of your business from front-of-house to back-end IT infrastructure.

You can be confident of a  holistic view to any Proclaim development that takes place – hardware, storage, bandwidth and infrastructure capacity are all taken into consideration when we undertake a Proclaim consultant role.