Proclaim integrations are our bread and butter. We have dozens of pre-coded solutions ready to roll for many popular third party services in PI, Clinical Negligence, Medical Reporting, Conveyancing, Credit Hire, Immigration and more.

We can set up your/your client’s Proclaim system to either consume or host SOAP or RESTful webservices, for automatic creation of cases, automatic case updates, data and document exchange.

Consume third party services from within Proclaim

If you run Proclaim Case Management in-house, and want to streamline your workflows with automatic data exchange, automatic case creation, automatic document exchange with third parties, we can design and program your Proclaim system to consume third party webservices via elegant user interfaces or transparent automated routines.

Offer your services to Proclaim Law firms

Perhaps you are a legal service industry company with your own software suite, looking to expand your service offering to the ever-increasing base of Solicitor practices running Proclaim? We can assist in designing your API and creating a seamless Proclaim user experience,  then roll it out to your client base on your behalf.

Pre-built integrations:

Proclaim electronic signatures

We have integrated a number of e-sign providers into Proclaim – Adobe Sign, Signable, DocuSign, LegaleSign. If you have an incumbent e-signature provider with an API, we can integrate it into your workflows.

ATE Insurer data exchange

Proclaim Automatic Policy creation, retrieval, status updates etc are all possible with our integrations to a number of leading ATE insurance providers.

Proclaim Medco integration / ICO / GMC automation

We have created custom Medco integrations to automate many of the manual submissions and data exchange requirements of Medco, including automated ICO/GMC registration checks and portal data submission.

Proclaim Email file attachment (XML/csv) and FTP data exchange methods are always available should your in-house software not support webservices, or this method better suits your existing business practices.

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