Interrogate your Proclaim database. Produce Proclaim Management Reports, Business Intelligence, Data Mining and KPI dashboards.

Proclaim Management Reporting

We can make it happen – from automated email Proclaim Advanced reports to intranet dashboards and live Proclaim MI / BI suites.

Proclaim Data Analysis

We have produced Proclaim management information reporting tools using Excel, Qlikview, Periscope, Tableau, and bespoke .NET tools.

Interrogate your Proclaim and other Databases

We can also combine and extend your Proclaim data with your other company data sources for a richer view. If your existing business database runs in MSSQL, we can seamlessly add Proclaim Progress database data to your existing MI/BI suites.

Sage? Lawbyte? Net2 timecard? MSSQL? We have combined these data sources into numerous Proclaim MI reports.

Excel proclaim integrration

periscope proclaim interrogate

qlikview proclaim reporting

sisense proclaim reports