Proclaim.Guru – Independent Eclipse Proclaim Developer.

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Experienced Proclaim developer

See our work – we are the top contributor and ‘most thanked’ user on (and not just because we founded the site!)

We are experts in complex Proclaim development projects, and specialise in third party integrations. With over 15 years’ experience working solely on Eclipse Proclaim consultancy work across a great variety of legal sectors, we are confident that you will not find a more proficient Proclaim developer.

Whether you are a law firm with Proclaim Case Management software in house, or a legal service industry who would like to improve their service offering to client firms that run Proclaim case management software, we can help.

Retain your intellectual property

Being independent means that your innovation remains your competitive advantage. We encourage non-disclosure agreements for all our projects to protect your knowledge.

Whole spectrum Proclaim development

We have vast experience in all Proclaim tools – Screen Designer, Workflow Maintenance, Proclaim Maths, Linked actions, Advanced Reports etc. With our advanced knowledge we can produce elegant and efficient workflows that are tailored to your business and your working practices.

Planned, Implemented, Documented

What makes good code into great code is proper planning, elegant and future-proof implementation, and clear documentation. We offer this for all our development work should you wish to customise the code yourself at a later date.